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Key Considerations When Migrating Workloads to Public Cloud

Learn to assess which workloads align best with public cloud and the steps required to ensure your initiative is successful.

Transform your data center to become more efficient, manageable, and responsive to business needs.

Reveal hidden, unused data that's costing you money with a Dark Data Assessment

Illuminate dark data and bring cost savings to your organization with EMPulse.

The IT Optimization Challenge

A recent survey by IDG Research shows that IT leaders are struggling with data center optimization road blocks. See what’s getting in the way.

Ready for a career that both's challenging and rewarding?

Being EMPulse means being smart and bold, agile and empowered, confident and trustworthy. Learn more about the team.

Want to start realizing your business outcomes? EMPulse can help.

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Operational Efficiencies

Your data center strategy is crucial. Have confidence in what you deliver to the business.


Align your cloud strategy and business outcomes


Operationalize security for next-level organization protection

Next Generation Technology

Increase agility and improve performance faster than ever


Ease IT operational management one step at a time

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Public Cloud Workload Migration: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Before any workloads are migrated to public cloud, some groundwork is in order. This groundwork will help IT leaders determine which workloads are best suited for public cloud, as well as prepare and execute successful migrations. This white paper looks at both common cloud migration mistakes to avoid as well as the best way to succeed with your organization’s own cloud efforts.
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Client Support Services

As a single point of contact for issues spanning multiple vendors, product lines, and solutions, we help maximize your uptime and operational efficiency through our OneCall Support Services, Managed Services, and Datalink Central monitoring platform.
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Choosing Between Private and Public Clouds: How to Defend Which Workload Goes Where

This paper introduces you to a time-tested approach that can take you from where you are to where you need to be.
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Cloud Disaster Recovery: Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Solutions Supporting Disaster Recovery

Get a solid background on disaster recovery scenarios, best practice approaches and testing, and the benefits of a cloud disaster recovery assessment.
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Migration Services

Our extensive experience in data center transformation provides strong insight into the process and how to ensure success. But it has also proven that no two migrations are the same.
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Why Enterprises Need to Optimize Their Data Centers

This whitepaper looks at some of the key drivers to data center optimization and the challenges IT is facing today as enterprises look to modernize their infrastructures and remain a step ahead of the competition. It also explores how companies can benefit from the changing technology landscape, including the optimization of data center resources.
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Cloud Report Card: What Worked? What Have We Learned?

There’s no doubt that cloud has been one of the most disruptive forces in recent years. Many rushed to embrace cloud’s attributes. But, now that the dust has settled, it’s time to assess whether intended outcomes were achieved and review the lessons learned.
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How Will You Deliver More Business Value With Your Data Center This Year?

Now that 2017 is in full swing, you’ve got some perspective on the business outcomes your organization is striving to achieve and what your role will be in reaching them. If your company is like most, there is tremendous pressure on IT to deliver results, and the bar is much higher this year than last.

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Guess What, IT? The Business Finally “Gets” You

Some IT veterans might remember the days when IT teams were seldom seen nor heard from by executive management — unless something went wrong. IT budget was scarce, often perceived as simply a necessary cost of doing business. Flash forward to today’s digital business and a different picture begins to emerge: one with a strong and growing relationship between senior executives and the IT organization.

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Moving Workloads to the Public Cloud? Don’t Forget About Security.

Organizations need to have a thorough understanding of the data and applications being moved to the cloud, and of their governance model in place. Lacking these critical pieces of knowledge can result in unintentional data disclosure events or other unwanted vulnerabilities in the new environment.


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Room & Board Home Furnishings

Datalink and Pure Storage align technology with workload requirements to help eliminate storage bottlenecks, boost application performance, streamline IT processes, and elevate productivity.


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Considerations for Data Protection in the Hybrid Cloud

Learn about potential issues and best practices for securely hosting your IT workloads, data, and applications in the cloud.


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Company overview

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A next-generation data center is no longer a nice thing to have; it’s a critical part of a strategic business. We’re here to help.
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